Work is changing.
Talent is changing.
The workplace is changing.

Uncovering the right talent, fairly, at a fast pace, is more important today than ever before.  Using the right combination of people and technology will give you a hiring advantage.

Our team

Hire us for a full-service engagement powered by our proprietary talent technology, or use our technology directly in your process to gain an advantage   where we support you every step of the way.    We use the most progressive, data and DEI-centered methodologies to ensure bias mitigation in recruiting and interviewing.

We specialize in uncovering talent for companies who prioritize and are assessing for one or more of the following competencies:

Competency-based hiring

Language skills
Communication effectiveness
Sales performance
Attitude and mindset
Emotional intelligence
Diversity mindset
Problem solving
Proactivity and initiative
Customer-first orientation
Motivated and growth-minded
Self regulating and accountable
Trust and self standards

With competency-based hiring, our specialization translates to the following roles that we most frequently represent:


Call Center
Customer Service Agent
Professional Services
Front line and Client facing
Product and Project
Graduates and Internships

You need a competitive edge in today's market

Working with our team+tech model you will have access to the best, transparent and data-driven process for evaluating talent that combines people and data-based assessment while prioritizing fairness.

Data-backed decision making

Bias mitigation. Fairness. Transparency. Diversity and inclusion process.

Talent Evaluation

Competency-based assessment with candidate profiles provided at each shortlisting stage including video or audio interviews for review

Talent Matching

Using our highly innovative talent technology platform we deliver a great candidate experience while allowing candidates to provide more data earlier in the process.

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