We are a different kind of agency.   We bring a suite of technology and innovative creative to help you win the war for talent in this challenging market.  We work with you and your systems and support you with each campaign to customize your candidate experience and interview flow to generate the highest level of engagement and conversion. 

Creative recruiting:
How engaging are your recruiting campaigns?

Today we need to work harder to attract the best and brightest candidates and your recruiting campaign says a lot about the type of company you are. Showcasing a modern, innovative, interactive and video-rich recruiting and interview process will keep your candidates engaged and give them options in how they want to interview with you and when.  

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How diversity-minded is your team?

Diversity is reflected in:
> Your hiring process
> Your hiring decision
> Your candidate experience
> Your employer brand

Adopt best practices based on current, real-world practices and examples used by leading employers today.
> Diversity hiring and measurement
> Standardized interview questions and selection evaluation
> Bias free and blind recruiting and interviewing practices
> Non-visual, AI-driven data evaluation to support your team

Candidate experience:
How convenient is your interview process for candidates?

The candidate experience is so important.  Candidates want to have a good impression right from the get go and want to have a clear idea of how your process works and what they can expect.  It's critical that you are transparent with your candidates and provide them a clear understanding of the interview journey and how decisions are made.

Are you gathering all of the right information about candidates from the application stage so you can reduce your chances of screening great candidates out prematurely?

Are you giving candidates options for how they want to interview with you virtually with no-schedule options?

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